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The 911 Media Hoax

For several years I have, among others, been doing my best to figure out what did and didn't happen on 911. I was fooled for several years. Only recently have I been able to discard the lies and visual deceit presented that day on television and echoed in newspapers. The 911 narrative is a paradigm for the extent to which modern media is able to control public perception and mold public opinion. Media insiders created 911 terror in the USA.

The very perpetrators of the 911 media hoax have done a first-class job of brainwashing the public and obliging propagandized viewers to castigate anyone, regardless of their position, accomplishments, or integrity, who says or writes anything that contradicts the absurd 102-minute digitally-animated fake movie that was broadcast in exciting segments by themselves that day as "breaking news".

Before you are quick to react in opposition to the below articles, written during the first half of 2012, take note of the consensus reached by scholars during the 911 hearings subsequently conducted in Vancouver, BC. Here are links to Professor James Fetzer's outline, in two parts, of the results of the Vancouver 911 Hearings - Part One, and Part Two. In short, the shocking facts emerged that there were neither Arab hijackers involved that day nor did any commercial airliners crash that day. That being the case, there were, obviously, no airline passengers killed.

Why isn't news of responsible 911 investigations, such as the Toronto and Vancouver hearings, reported by America's media? Is it because they themselves invented, produced, and aired audio-visual horrors designed to create that day's terror? Absurd? Shocking? Preposterous?

Below is a series of articles written by me, all of which have appeared online at and at They should be read in the order presented to gain insight, however initially questioned, about what did happen and, more importantly, what didn't happen on September 11, 2001.

Read this first - 911 MISSING Posters Of Disembodied Souls

    The 911 Media Hoax, Part 1 - 911 - Urban Renewal With A Twist?

    The 911 Media Hoax, Part 2 - Television's Illusions Enthrall America's Cavemen

    The 911 Media Hoax, Part 3 - The 911 Narrative Remains Broad And Retititious

    The 911 Media Hoax, Part 4 - The Hoax - A Fable For Our Times

    The 911 Media Hoax, Part 5 - Examining the 911 Script Is Not Inappropriate

    The 911 Media Hoax, Part 6 - Media Mayhem Creates National Disaster

    The 911 Media Hoax, Part 7 - The 911 Media Show And Its Victims

    The 911 Media Hoax, Part 8 - How Dare They Lie To The American People

    The 911 Media Hoax, Part 9 - Media Insiders Created 911 Terror In USA

    The 911 Media Hoax, Part 10 - Were Real Persons Murdered On 911?

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The US media are owned today by men affiliated with banking and industrial corporations and conglomerates that control a government guilty of war crimes on a massive scale. They create turmoil and destruction in the pursuit of profits. To succeed, they must stiffle dissent and reform, the focus of which involves exposing their crimes against humanity, both domestically and abroad.

These men are doing everything within their power to eliminate every progressive step taken by mankind, including reason itself, from Magna Carta to our own constitution's Bill of Rights. They scorn the television viewers to whom they brought terror on 911 through a full day of illusions.

They are war criminals. May the time come that they be held accountable, prosecuted and sentenced by the very people they scorn.

If you cannot access, several of the above columns can be found HERE.
Another alternative is to Google the above titles, using quotation marks.

Photoshopped and morphed "9/11 firemen" - digital datafakes.

Example of visual illusions - digitally animated fake "events".

"The comprehensive analysis of the bizarre and incongruous 9/11 memorials overwhelmingly suggests that the alleged “victims” of the day were nothing but fictitious, digital identities generated out of a computer database. This contention has not been credibly/nor legally challenged, to this day, by a single person or entity representing any of the purported “3000 families”. It would appear, in fact, that most other major “terrorist attacks” of recent years attributed to “Al-Qaeda” follow a similar pattern. The rationale behind this should emerge, after appropriate consideration, in all its transparent logic: no mass murders of western citizens are required to sell the phony “War on Terror” to the public. Naturally, killing civilians “at home” is highly undesirable to the war-mongering hawks of this world. All that’s needed - to gather consensus for bombing and looting middle-eastern nations - is to infuse a mass perception of ‘foreign terror’."   SIMON SHACK

The Power of Imagery - Simon Shack's

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The Elephant and the Mosquito

If there is anything that the 911 hoax tells us, it is to be cautious when viewing dramas and illusions on television that pass for “news” in America, including those created by computer software, including datafakes, computer-simulated individuals complete with backgrounds, created by personna software programs. The art of computerized digital animation to represent a faked reality becomes more sophisticated every year. Programs to manufacture visual illusions, including facial morphing and photoshopping programs, had progressed far enough by 2001 to fool us all.

"News" is scripted as to events, characters, and conflicts, for purposes of public manipulation and social engineering. It is important to understand that the motive of those who control international banking, Hollywood movies, newspapers and television networks, is to keep the masses of humanity confused and fearful in order to wage war, promoting their own financial and geo-political agenda. Another motive for breaking news is to divert attention from important real events, particulary those involving political dissent. We should respond to actions and statements brought to us today by employees of America's six huge "news" corporations as we would respond to those of actors in movies or on the stage.

Whenever there is an absence of credible independent journalists and data is limited to "official" sources let us be particularly skeptical and not rush to conclusions or to judgment when presented with dramatic "events" by US media. This does not imply America's news from corporate sources to be consistently untrue. Where is it written that liars must be consistent?

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