The American crisis is just around the corner. Wall Street's bankers have finally triumphed. Financial vultures, in their rampage for wealth, power, and world control have nearly completely destroyed an imperfect but incredibly free and promising American society. What must we do if we are to survive individually and as a free people?

When a crisis is at hand it is only natural for people to seek a leader who can inspire others willing to shoulder the burden of immediate political change. Americans are blessed because they already possess an extraordinary political structure which can be restored following a "changing of the guard". We need a leader only because individuals who are presently destroying the carefully devised political structure of our nation will never voluntarily relinquish power until they have been identified and exposed. The good news is that they are few in number. We are many and we are armed to the teeth.

Thanks to the internet, Americans do not need a revolutionary junta, or an armed uprising, or a ballot obliging us to again usher in leadership through corrupt and compromised political parties. To start this process, we need an easily organized online panel to provisionally appoint smart honest people willing to be Replacements. Then We the People will know exactly what to do. We are Americans.

Our experience over the past two hundred years or so has brought pitfalls that the founders of this country were either unable to anticipate or simply failed to consider seriously enough at the time. The form of our government is not perfect. This is fully understandable. We the People, in Thomas Jefferson's words, are obliged "to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." What could be more American?

The form this solution takes will consist of a two step process. The first step is to appoint and accept ONLINE a small group, a Provisional Replacement Panel to identify and recruit capable and honest men and women to fill created vacancies. The second step involves requesting the resignation of politicians who broke their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution, and the replacement of persons in our government who also failed to consider the will of We the People, especially with regard to supporting banker bailouts, waging of aggressive wars, torture, civil liberties, and other Patriot Act abuses.

We understand mainline media problems. The ProvisionalReplacement Panel and persons it selects will be LISTED PUBLICLY ONLINE. Webmasters and bloggers of alternate news and patriotic websites need to support and promote this concept, placing links on their pages to a PRP website which will IDENTIFY AND LIST ONLINE the ones scheduled for resignation, together with those selected by our PRP as replacements, if the position is to be refilled. We will not all agree on specific individuals. The more important agreement simply involves telling others about this project.

Of course, everyone will not agree on the choice of every Replacement selected by the Provisional Replacement Panel. The more important issue is to support such a panel. The aim is to Replace criminals and their paid flunkies presently occupying positions of power. Who should be on the Provisional Replacement Panel? How about asking Ron Paul, Ralph Nader and Jesse Ventura for starters?

The panel's job of identifying and recruiting a Replacement for each Removable, should the position itself be required, must begin immediately. Once the public list has been completed and the stage is set, so to speak, a leader will emerge, perhaps from the panel itself. The leader we need will emerge when the online list is complete, having been selected by PRP members.

Once Replacements have been selected, recruited, and LISTED ONLINE, a million or more ONLINE PATRIOTS will be invited, on schedules, to visit Washington DC and other areas, the locations of evil world-empire builders and the destroyers of our country. These ONLINE PATRIOTS will be invited, on schedules, to locate and request the resignations of specific individuals including politicians who voted for "bailouts", funding of undeclared wars, the Patriot Act, top bankers and their lackeys. The malfactors will know who they are and what to expect, having been IDENTIFIED ONLINE by the ONLINE Provisional Replacement Panel.

We do not call for armed revolution. We may have to process a considerable number of citizens arrests of war criminals and of traitors to the Constitution they were sworn to uphold should they not resign, or seek refuge elsewhere. The panel will target enemies of the American people, and those within our present government who have demonstrated their loyalty to, and their ongoing support of, a State other than The United States of America. If we begin now, the process of listing Removables and Replacements ONLINE should not take more than thirty to sixty days.

Political change in America, thanks to our extraordinary history, political structure, founding documents, and today's POWER OF THE INTERNET can result in persuading persons presently in power step aside. We the People can accomplish this peacefully by knowing our goals, choosing a leader, and following that leader in scheduling and implementing this reasonable program through a sufficient number of ONLINE PATRIOTS.

Those unwilling to step aside when scheduled for resignation must face citizen's arrest. Treated humanely, they are to be incarcerated until defended under established US legal rules in newly established People's Courts. If convicted by jury, they must be further confined to protect us from future malfeasance and abuse. Bloody reprisals may lead to a reign of terror, a condition we never want to see in America.

It is our responsibility to advise newly appointed Replacements to seriously consider terms and conditions clearly spelled out in our nation's founding documents. Deliberations and actions are to be open and publicized online, stimulating reform in mainline media which is already facing financial difficulty.

As ONLINE PATRIOTS, we can do this. If we do not do it*, then we neither deserve what our founders referred to as "the blessings of Liberty", nor will we, or our children, or grandchildren be likely to experience them again. Soon, thanks to the Power of the Internet, America can again give hope to men and women throughout the world struggling against tyrannical oppressive governments.

To get started, please help spread online the word of this reasonable digital-age solution. Email this page to webmasters of your favorite alternate news and patriotic websites. If you have access to a webserver, please mirror this page. Notify like-minded friends. We can get this done, thanks to The Power of the Internet, IF WE JOIN FORCES ONLINE. The revolution will NOT be televised. It it the INTERNET THAT CAN FIX AMERICA.

* You, together with other ONLINE PATRIOTS can prevent this from happening.

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